users - deleting

users - deleting

Post by Don » Fri, 06 Jun 2003 18:42:16

DELET UNWANTED USER ACCOUNTS.   I would appreciate advice
on how to change the users listed in my 'Documents and
Settings ' folder on my C drive.   Recently I had to re-
install my WinXP abd during that procedure I listed the
account I wanted under my first name, Donald.   That was
the only one that I wanted.  Now, when I start-up, I have
to choose that user icon, even though it is the only one
on the screen?  I understood that with only one account
that that screen would be by-passed?   When I look in
Windows Explorer, docs & settings, I find that there are a
lot of 'users' listed - Administrator,
Administrator.DEEBEE (my given computer name), All
Users.WINDOWS, Donald (the only one I want and
use),Donald.DEEBEE, Local Service.NT AUTHORITY,Network
Service.NT AUTHORITY.   Going to Control Panel and the
User Icon, only user 'Donald' is listed so I cannot delete
the others.  I tried deleting them in Explorer but it came
up with 'cannot be done, system files'   The Donald.DEEBEE
account is particularily annoying because it seems to have
a priority over the one I want (Donald), e.g. it has all
the 'My Docs., My Pictures, folders in it - and when I
want ot save something the 'save' programme always starts
in that account and so I have to change it every time
to 'Donald', all cookies and downloads go into that wrong
account.   How to I delete it, and the others, when the
user account icon/programme does not show them?  I have
looked in every book I can find but none tell me how to
delete a 'user' account which is not shown as such in the
control panel, user programme.   Hopefully someone is an
expert on this?

1. create new user; delete previous user

Create the new account, then copy over the data from the old account
to the new one in the Control Panel > System > Advanced > User
profiles > Settings.
For to do this you must be logged in with an admin account that is not
involved in the copy process, so you may have to create another admin
account for to do that. You can of course delete this account later.
Check the old account for data you want to take over additionally,
then delete it.


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