Print on COM port

Print on COM port

Post by Branko » Thu, 22 Aug 2002 19:55:06

I have Epson TM-U210D on COM1 under Windows XP.
I print from DOS based software without any driver.
XP print out ~200 characters and then stop print.
When I print litle recipies then is OK. Trouble is when
I print large recipies.
If someone have idea how to solve problem?
ps.: have try witn changing com port settings

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I am at a real loss here.  I can't seem to get my Win95b system to talk
to my Zyxel ISDN terminal adaptor on Com 2. I checked out the port with
a loopback connector and ran Norton Diag and the port checked out fine -
remeber NDIAG runs in DOS. I have also tried various com programs to
just try to talk to the TA on com 2, but to no avail.  Win95's modem
diagnostics says, "Couldn't Open Port", Hyperterminal says, "Another
program is using the telephony device" and the Zyxel configuration
software says,"Open Communication Port Error".  The trouble is, I have
removed everything from my StartUp folder, checked my old Win.ini
(nothing is loading there), ensured that I do not have MS Fax running
(it isn't even on the system!).

I have run out of ideas and web resources, any advice would be
appreciated.  Extra points for CC'ing me directly in addition to posting
your response.

Thanks in advance!

Ed Correia

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