CD wizard asks for cdrw when cdrw is in drive

CD wizard asks for cdrw when cdrw is in drive

Post by Simo » Mon, 24 Nov 2003 09:08:04

When trying to 'send to' files to a cdrw, the wizard asks
for a cdrw to be put in the drive even though there is a
unused cdrw in the drive. When looking at my cd drives
properties it says that the cdrw is full. The disc is
unused and empty.

1. CD drive doesn't recognize CDRW in CD Burning Wizard

I've been trying to copy some picture files to CD, but
when the CD burning wizard runs its says ther is no disc
in the drive.  I've used the same brand of CD-RW in the
past with no problem, and I've even tried 3 different
CD's to make sure I didn't just have a bad one.  The
drive will recognize other CD-RW's that have already been
burned without any problem, I just can't burn a new one.  
Any suggestions???

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