Little-Bitty Dialogue Windows

Little-Bitty Dialogue Windows

Post by SanFranGu » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 11:37:21

Saturday, June 28, 2003, 1934 hrs. pst.

Dear Microsoft Community:

Still trying to find out how to enlarge (lengthen) the
dialogue window in the Windows Update site so that I
can "Agree" to their terms, (whatever they are), so that
the installation of the updates can proceed.   My earlier
post went unanswered.

Is there a technique to enlarge ANY small window in
Windows XP when the window icon in the upper right corner
is absent?

San Fran Gun


1. Little-Bitty Dialogue Window on Windows Updates Site Too Little-Bitty

When I have chosen updates to install from the Windows
updates site, a dialogue window opens asking me to accept
the terms under which the updates are offered.  However,
the dialogue window is so small that it cuts off the
bottom where I am supposed to say "I accept" so I can't
continue the installation.  How to I make the little-
bitty dialogue window longer?

Thanks for your assistance.


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