Unhandled exception:c0000005 At address 100016b8

Unhandled exception:c0000005 At address 100016b8

Post by evette chan » Wed, 04 Sep 2002 04:52:39

Can anyone help me?  I get a small window pop up
everytime I start my computer.  

It says:

           Unhandled exception:   c0000005
           At address:            100016b8

I have tried installing new device drivers, but it
doesn't seem to make a difference.


Unhandled exception:c0000005 At address 100016b8

Post by Michel » Tue, 17 Sep 2002 03:08:17

I had the same problem and after some long hours of searching for
answers on the net, I managed to fix it -- and it's easy to do.
Here's how:

1. Open http://www.pacs-portal.co.uk/startup_pages/startup_full.htm.
It provides detailed information about the types of programs (both
useful and useless) that you may have running on your computer at
start-up.  Just open the page -- you'll use it in a second.

2. Go to Start, click on Run and type in "MSCONFIG" -- a window pops
up.  Click on the "Startup" tab.  This will tell you exactly which
programs automatically run at startup.  Lots of them are useless but
you do need some of them if you want your computer to startup and work
properly.  Now go through the list in your startup tabs, look for them
on the website noted above, see if they're of any use to you and
uncheck those that aren't.
**Note: on my computer, the annoying error messages had to do with
"Pgmonitr" (aka: Pmgmonitr, Pgmonitor).  By unchecking this program, I
managed to get rid of the error messages.  It may be the same problem
for you.

3. When you're done unchecking all the useless programs, press Apply
at the bottom.   When it prompts you to restart your computer, agree.

4. When your computer starts you should notice two things: A) you
won't get that annoying error message ever again!! and B) the computer
telling you that you've made some changes to the startup.  Check the
box so that you get the same message at every startup and then OK. No
more annoying error messages from now on!

Problem Solved! :o)