4.7, add-ins and unable to access hotmail

4.7, add-ins and unable to access hotmail

Post by rob adam » Sat, 07 Sep 2002 21:59:59

i am unable to access my hotmail.  i have just bought a
new pc with windows xp, managed to access my hotmail fine
first day, then next day used windows messenger and it
prompted me that there was an update so i downloaded 4.7
and the add-in that goes with it.  since then can't ever
get further than "please re-enter your password" on
hotmail.  can access hotmail on my old pc which is
windows 95 and no messenger so i know its nothing to do
with a wrong password, but must be linked to downloading
4.7 and add-ins.  have uninstalled 4.7 and the add-ins
but the problem continues.  any help much appreciated.

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I recently purchased FrontPage 2000 and have been gradually building up
a rather simple, yet wide (many pages) web site over the last week -
using Netscape 4.7 as the testing browser both of my local .htm files
and after I have "Published" the site on my ISP.  I have been making
many changes and enhancements to my web site, so I don't know exactly
when this happened - but, my Netscape browser stopped processing my
"navigation buttons" on the home page.  (I brought it up on my resident
copy of IE 5.00.xx and it works just fine.)

Does anybody know of a compatibility problem between FP2000 and Netscape
4.7?  (I know there is a major conflict between corporations.)   Or,
have I flipped a switch somewhere to cause this?

Any help will be appreciated.

Palmer Moore

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