ATI-TV turns off Line in Sound everytime it starts!

ATI-TV turns off Line in Sound everytime it starts!

Post by Prodig » Fri, 21 Dec 2001 07:46:08

I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and know how to reconcile

What happens it that everytime when I run the TV program from ATI-Multimedia
Center (I have AIW Radeon), the damn program turns the Line in (under the
recording menu, not the playback menu) option off (I have a Philips Acoustic
Edge soundcard)!  That means if I want the AIW to record a show with sound,
I have to turn on ATI-TV, then re-check the little box under Line-in in the
sound options, and leave the ATI-TV program running.  For example, say I
want to record the show 24 on Fox at 8pm, and I'm going out in the
afternoon, I have to run ATI-TV, check the Line-in box, and leave the
computer running as is.  If I don't have ATI-TV running, ATI scheduler will
still run ATI-TV and record the show at 8pm, but because everytime when the
program starts, it automatically turns the Line-in option off, so that means
I'll have a show recorded with video but no sound.  This drives me nuts.
Does anyone know a way to take care of this?

Another problem, even if I've set the ATI digital VCR to record shows at
640*240, if the recording is triggered by ATI-scheduler (Guide Plus), AIW
always record the shows in 640*480!!  I can only get it to record at other
resolutions if I press the record button in ATI-TV.  Does anyone know how to
take care of this?



1. ATI TV Tuner - Recording TV - Video/Sound Issues

Win XP
ATI TV Wonder (PCI)
ATI radeon 9700 pro
512 meg of memory
ati 7.9 media center

I have had and been running this setup for a while and I
could watch tv and everything with no problem, but when I
tried to record tv, the sound was low and crackly.

I just reloaded my machine and got updated
drivers/software for ati products.  ATI media center 8.9
(I think it was)

and when I ran this new setup I could not watch tv, the
sound was either real low and scratch or if I changed
input on sound tool bar - volume was fine but it was out
of sink with the video by a couple seconds.

So I reloaded my machine again - went back to old drivers
and tried just media center 8.9 and that is what is
causing the problem.

When I run the compatibility check or whatever it is
called.  It says that I must have direct x 9.0 or greater
installed (for both 7.9 and 8.9 media center) and I do
have that (installed that before I installed any ATI
drivers or software) and it still does not work.

Any help would be appreciated.

If you need more info please let me know.

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