MS Bluetooth keyboard/mouse: wheel starts program unexpectedly

MS Bluetooth keyboard/mouse: wheel starts program unexpectedly

Post by Thomas Fran » Wed, 24 May 2006 23:32:03

I use the Microsoft Optical Desktop Elite for Bluetooth. When I touch the
wheel of the keyboard, a program is launched unexpectedly (*link

Has anybody observed the same thing and has a solution?



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I just attached a Microsoft Elite Desktop for Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to
my Dell Inspiron 8600 Notebook.  The keyboard and mouse both have a tilt
scroll wheel.  Every time I tilt the wheel to the right, Dell Media
Experience(DMX) (which is a branded version of Cyberlink PowerCinema)
launches.  I expect that when I do this, the window in focus would scroll to
the right, not launch a program.  

I imagine that uninstalling DMX would solve this problem but I use it to
watch DVDs.  I am very happy with my new keyboard and mouse and would like
them to work properly.

I reported this problem to Cyberlink and they said they knew nothing about
this mouse and keyboard and that I should ask the manufacturer.

I have the latest versions of the Intellipoint driver (5.2), DMX, and XP
SP2.  Turning the horizontal scrolling for the tilt wheel in the control
panel on or off makes no difference in whether this happens.

Does anybody have any insight to this problem and possible solutions?

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