DSL Error message 193

DSL Error message 193

Post by Seren » Tue, 04 Mar 2003 04:54:11

I just bought a new HP computer with winXP and I can't
install my SBC yahoo DSL on my new computer.  It worked
fine on the other one but I get an error message when I
try to install it using the cdrom.  It says
workflow/bin/coreobjects.dll.   error code 193  it says
something about one of my coreobjects is missing.  I
contacted SBC they said to call Microsoft.  Microsoft says
to call HP and I can't get a hold of HP.  I am tired of
getting the runaround.  HELP!

1. Fatal Error Code 2 / Loadlibrary Error Code 193 (C1)

Having completely rebuilt my stand alone (not even connected to the Internet
yet) PC , I try to load WIN XP Home and I get the message:

Fatal Error, an error has been encountered that prevents Set Up from
completing (39 minutes before completion) - Set up was unable it initialise
Network Installation components.  The Specific Error Code is 2.

Press OK to View the Setup log File (which then gives another message as

Loadlibrary returned error code 193 (C1).

I cannot understand this. I installed a brand new HDD as the only one, I
have a new motherboard, memory, sound card, RAM indeed everything is new
apart form the CD ROM.

Any help would be much appreciated or even a possible steer.

Thank you

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