System repair - restore -- HOW TO Start the XP System Restore Tool from a Command Prompt

System repair - restore -- HOW TO Start the XP System Restore Tool from a Command Prompt

Post by Maurice » Sun, 13 Jan 2002 23:06:55

For the method I mentioned, if you cannot get to "Safe mode Command Prompt"
(F8 at pc startup) then it is not the way to go.
 There is the ability to see/use  selective bootup options (F8-Function-key
at pc POST startup) and then to  choose Safe mode and see if that can be
used.  You should at least be able to SEE this menu.

If not Safe mode, and depending on situation, you can select "LAST KNOWN
Good Configuration"    from the pc bootup menu, which may just help. This
restores last good config.

Did you try booting from XP CD, using Recovery Console, and navigating to
your Windows folder/directory structure, like "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\config",
doing a "DIR SYSTEM*.* " ...and seeing how many SYSTEM files you have?
It may (emphasize may) be possible (if you have no other recovery method)
to copy "System.bak" over to "System".
Depending upon your file system being in FAT32, you can do this by booting
from a dos-startup-diskette.

One must emphasize also, while your Windows XP (or any Win) is in good
shape, you do system BACKUPS. Having backups, at the worst case, you install
Win fresh, then do full restore from backup set.
Also, if you have the Pro version XP, you do an ASR Backup "before" disaster

If you have a "log that is too long" ---most .log files can be deleted and
then they're re-created.
Bottom line: Billy, take preventive measures before disaster strikes.

Once you have a good working XP, consider using a utility like ERUNT to do
on-demand registry backups.
    It runs on Win XP / 2000 / NT.   And is freeware.
    It is at

Maurice N

> I have on 7 ocassions been unable to get to th safe mode command promt, to
> do a system restore because of a software hive file or log being too long
> corrupt. Can you suggest how to get round this.

> > The MS Knowledge Base article noted below, may help in restoring a
> XP
> > System Restore point", in the case where you are unable to do this from
> > Windows session.  This article describes how to start the System Restore
> > tool when you are unable to start your Windows XP-based computer
> or
> > in Safe mode.
> > You may be able to do it from a "special command prompt"..."Safe Mode
> > Command Prompt".

> > It would seem the requirements would be:
> > 1. You had restore point(s) from before.  (Which also means System
> > is active on your XP.)
> > 2. You have to be able to "selectively" bootup your pc into "Safe mode
> with
> > command prompt".
> > 3. Follow the directions to use "rstrui.exe"   the XP System Restore
> > program.
> > HOW TO: Start the System Restore Tool from a Command Prompt (Q304449)
> >;EN-US;q304449

> > Maurice N

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System repair - restore -- HOW TO Start the XP System Restore Tool from a Command Prompt

Post by Maurice » Sun, 13 Jan 2002 23:33:32

The words are stated differently, but the principles are the same as my
prior note ----just ran across this item from another posting by J
Eshelman-----This addresses corrupted registry hive(s) ---------
"Cannot Start Windows XP if the System or Software Hive Is Missing or

Maurice N


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