Search problems

Search problems

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The XP search was such a monster compared to all other search programs ever released by Microsoft, and so SLOW!!! too.

It annoyed me so much I wrote my own program instead, this is here at

While I have been working on it I have included loads of extra cool features like : able to export results to a spreadsheet or other application, Rename multiple files even spanning folders, replace strings found in files, search for extra strings (Not just the 1 you get by microsoft),
You can also preview pictures / ascii files and movies, you can search just selected folders or NOT search selected folders, and you can even tell it not to look at certain filetypes.
You can count how many times an item occured in a file.

Also it shows Folder sizes (No other search program does this), and you can search for just folders or just files if you wish.

Theres more to mention but you have the idea now, basicly my intention is to write the best search program EVER, I am improving it regularly too so keep checking back.

Now you can also load and save results, also findfilesxp is also listed on CNET, and TUCOWS


1. Search problems and Newsgroup problems

I used to be able to search off line in my computer.  Now
the left pane is empty, and I get a message:  "a file
needed to run Search Companion cannot be found. You may
need to run set-up".  When I am on line and try a search,
I do get the left pane with choices.  What am I missing
and how do I change back?
Newsgroups:  I can access these newsgroups through the
web, but not when I am in Outlook Express, on line.  I
get the message "Message could not be displayed" every
I have been trying to set up a home network.  Could this
have screwed things up?
Thanks for your help.

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