Welcome screen problem

Welcome screen problem

Post by Marvin Salomon » Sat, 19 Jan 2002 13:09:12

On the welcome screen where you logon different users, one of the users has
a message under it: "2 unread mail messages".  I've gone into my email
(outlook express 6) and made sure that all the messages have been read but
this message still stays here.  It still remains there after shutting off
the computer power and starting back up.  Any help on how to get rid of



1. Welcome Screen Problem

i loggin to windows normally, and when i leave it for
somtime and return i find that it's waiting in the
welcome screen for me to press my user name although i
have used powertoys to auto loggin, when i press my name
again i enter the windows in an instant and everything is
as it is as if nothing has happened and as if i have used
the switch user option, i disabled the power options and
the ask for password option and the screensaver with no
use !, please help me, thanks.

Ahmed Mohamed Osama
Aerospace Student Engineer


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