Weird Little XP Home Problem

Weird Little XP Home Problem

Post by Gary Thorn [MVP-WinXP » Sat, 26 Jan 2002 23:00:05

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>The text "Windows XP Home Edition Build 2600" is
>displayed in the lower right corner of my desktop. I
>can't find a way to get it off of there. Any help?

If you installed PowerToys XP and TweakUI XP then you must
have enabled it there. If not then download the PowerToys
XP from MS and install TweakUI XP. In there there is an
option to add the version to the desktop.

Hope this helps!

Gary Thorn


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I can't believe Microsoft got away with selling and releasing XP. In my
edition / setup it randomly and periodically re-arranges my desktop
icons, it also decides to hide active icons and my connect program hangs
- needs reboot to correct - and will only display a connect icon when
run from the connect program. Auto-dialup will not display a connect
I downloaded the latest OLR, comms software, etc from my ISP which was
said to be XP compatible but no good. It does not show my scanner or
digital camera as installed which is surprising as the hardware wizard
detected and installed them. They work erratically. It also send print
jobs in duplicate sometimes. Small problems I realise but it makes me
feel I can't trust my system as I don't know what it will do next.

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