re doing computer

re doing computer

Post by Paul » Sat, 30 Nov 2002 16:59:07

Hi Kyra,

This is how you do a "clean install"

If that Windows XP CD you have is bootable (and the full version) you have

1. On bootup press whatever key it is, (hold the key down) a few seconds,
after you
reboot), (F1, F10, F12, or Delete key) on your keyboard.

To go into BIOS. and change the bootdisk to CD (if it supports it),
and save the settings. Reboot

2. Put your CD in the CDrom. Let it boot (hopefully its bootable). It'll
tell / ask you if you want to format the hard drive. Select Yes. Thats it.

Let it format. It SHOULD reinstall Windows XP. Once reinstalled, you
need to re-activate, or ring microsoft to reactivate it.

You can either format it in FAT or NTFS (good if you have XP Pro)

Did you buy your computer from a shop?? The above maybe a bit different
if it is. I think most computers you uy from a shop have some kind of
recovery disk?? ( I wouldnt know). I've built these things, so they dont
need recovery disks to be reinstalled.

Quote:> I wanted to redo my computer from scratch because it was
> full of a lot of stuff and I was starting to get error
> messages and basically I just wanted to start over
> again.  I put in my XP cd and in setup there was the
> option to repair windows or to install it over again so I
> chose to re-install and when I was all finished
> everything looked bran new again, but when I started
> looking around, all of my files were still there, all of
> the programs and everything.  How do I start my computer
> from nothing, to be 'brand new' again???  Help!


1. re doing computer

You just installed over the old install.
Backup your data, then boot from the CD and run setup again.
When you get past the licensing agreement and setup scans for previous
Windows installations, select the Windows you want to remove and press D to
delete the partition. The next window will allow you to choose the location
for setup to install.
See below for more on doing a Clean XP install.

Michael Stevens MS-MVP XP

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