how to(back-ups)

how to(back-ups)

Post by Larr » Fri, 07 Mar 2003 00:26:51

hi,how do i create back ups??and do i need them?I tried
system restore it would'nt work for I used recoverey cd
and started all over!!!

how to(back-ups)

Post by Harry Ohr » Fri, 07 Mar 2003 00:53:14

I'm assuming that you are asking about full system backups. Your "Recovery
CD" is an example of a System Backup. Whether or not you need these really
depends on you and your computing requirements. A full system backup is
essential for people with production systems that require the system to be
up and running for business purposes. Because a reinstall of an operating
system complete with all necessary apps and settings can take hours, many
people find that a full system backup is very handy in the event that get a
virus, or an unrecoverable system failure. People who like to tweak their
system, install a lot of demos or other software, gamers etc also find that
a system backup is a handy item. Whatever your reason for needing a system
backup bear in mind that they are only as useful as they are kept current.
As you see from the Recovery CD you are taken back to a system state that
existed when you first purchased the computer. So your backup habits should
have you maintaining the system state especially if you are installing and
uninstall apps or changing settings frequently.

Both Windows XP Pro and Home versions have a backup program. The Pro version
is installed by default and the Home version is installed manually from the
\Valueadd directory on the Home CD. The Pro version will do a full system
backup (ASR) to hard drive or tape/zip drive but will not do a  System
backup to CD-R/W. The Home version will not do an ASR backup at all. In
either case the Backup program that ships with XP is not a very efficient
way of creating a full system backup. A much better solution is third party
software. The easiest to use are Drive Image 2002 from
and Norton Ghost 2003 from However there are other cheaper
but less robust apps such as BootIt NG or Image both from


Harry Ohrn - MS MVP [Shell/User]

Quote:> hi,how do i create back ups??and do i need them?I tried
> system restore it would'nt work for I used recoverey cd
> and started all over!!!


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Since outlook express 6, all of my data base files (*.dbx) always gets the
latest date when I open outlook express (even for folders which are not
changed). This is great for the back-up tape producers as common back-up
procedure think that all folders are new and stores them on tape (so
incremental back-ups do not have any meaning any more for outlook express 6
files). In previous outlook express version, backing up was already a
problem since a single message addition to one folder would already cause a
back-up of the entire folder, but in version 6 things have become even worse
since all folders are recognised as being changed.

Is there a workaround for this problem or are there some special tools which
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"tomsterdam" pages but the back-ups described there also performs a total
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