Computer won't work after installing xp service pack 1a

Computer won't work after installing xp service pack 1a

Post by steve swif » Thu, 15 May 2003 21:22:38

I just installed xp service pack 1a, but there were two
files that wouldn't load: userenv.dll and localspl.dll. I
continued the install without them, but when the computer
rebooted at the end I found that it won't restart.

It reaches the windows xp pro screen and then switches
off - and repeats this until the computer is manually
switched off.

Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks in


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Please help!!! I have an HP pavillion zt1000 laptop. I
(foolishly) followed MS instruction to install critical
updates. First update installed was Windows XP Service
Pack 1a. After installation, the computer won't start up.
I get the HP Windows XP startup logo, which runs for a few
seconds, then blacks out for a few seconds, then starts
over. I tried to start from "last known good
configuration," but the same thing happened. Called HP,
Service tech said to try starting in "safe mode," then try
starting in "Safe Mode with Command Prompt." When I got
the same result with both of those options, he very
casually told me I'd need to do a system recovery, which
will erase the hard drive!!! I set up a restore point
before I did the update, but I can't get into the computer
to use it. I have recent backup copies of most of my docs,
but obviously don't want to erase the last eight months of
everything else. Please tell me there's a way out of this
that won't result in an erased hard drive!! Thank you.

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