recovering files deleted while on mshome network

recovering files deleted while on mshome network

Post by jl » Fri, 17 Jan 2003 22:02:53

dear all,

could someone help me in retrieving files lost by deletion
while they were hosted on a local home network?

they contain references of all my work since 2.5 months and
I really need to have them back.

they are the user reference files of netscape, incl address
book, bookmarks, emails etc..

thanks a bunch in advance. regards


1. Recovering files deleted from a network drive

Ok I don't think there is a solution out there but here goes anyway.

Scenario: A client using Win95 on her client machine has a network drive
that resides on a Windows 2000 server.  She has deleted some files from the
network drive accidentally.  Normally we do backups but the backup admin did
not list this particular folder, so my question is is it at all possible to
recover these deleted files?  The server has not been rebooted after this

Any help is welcomed....


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