Error: Net_sendpacket ERROR:NO ERROR

Error: Net_sendpacket ERROR:NO ERROR

Post by Ulf Johansso » Fri, 13 Sep 2002 07:53:01

I`m having problems when playing multiplayer game on the
Internet. I`m recieving the error message: NET_SENDPACKET
ERROR:NO ERROR from time to time and i have to restart my
When I`m playing local network game and I`m trying to
connect to a computer Win 98 SE it is not possible to
view this computer in the browser list and when Im
refreshing the server browser list (on my Win XP) on the
Win 98 I recieve this error message on the XP computer.

I have played several times on the net with my Win 98
computer and I have not had this kind of problems here.

Please help me out with this problem.

Kind regards Ulf


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Life 1110.  It will throw me out of the game soon after
joining.  I've been lead to believe that its 1 of several
problems.  Its either WinXP Pro, HL 1110 update, Linksys
Lan Card, or the WinXP Auto Updates.  The only one I can
change at the moment is the Auto Updates.  But I need
someone to help me remove them.  Because when I click
remove it brings up a list of everything installed on my
PC and tells me they won't work if I remove this hotfix.  
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still work.  Or does anyone know a way to stop this error
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