Need help!!! Installing IIS with XP pro

Need help!!! Installing IIS with XP pro

Post by rasjm » Mon, 17 Feb 2003 02:04:26

Just got Dell nb "Inspiron 8200" with pre-loaded xp pro.
I'm having problem installing IIS using add/remove windows
components wizard (finished O.K.). Log service shows 2
errors one for "World Wide Web Publishing Service" and one
for "SMTP" with Event Id:7023 - "Not enough resources are
available to complete this operation". Contacted Dell
support and got no help. The Default Web Site(Stopped) and
I'm unable to  restart service(getting same error). In
search for this error I read article "Q327649" and I do
not have the "Internet" folder under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in
the registry. Help!!!!!!!!!!            

1. Exception Error installing IIS on XP Pro - iis install exception.JPG (0/1)

Whenever I try to install IIS with a clean WinXP Pro
install (Five times I tried, I don't want to format my
drive a 6th time and re-install XP), it doesn't work. It
shows up in the managment console, but it doesn't work
and VisualStudio.Net says I must install it first...

If I remove it via Control Panel and then try to re-
install - and I even tired rebooting between removing and re-
installing, no difference - I get the following error (the actual
screenshot is attached for the doubters):

         Windows XP Setup

                Exception calling handler routine for iis.  
                Handler address is 0x66d386c5            
                Function = 0xa                              
                Param1=0x0 Param2=0x0                      
                Exception Type=0xc0000005 Addr=0x77c400b4  

I'm very open to suggestions.

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