WindowsXP startup error message:system halted-drive not ready

WindowsXP startup error message:system halted-drive not ready

Post by Khali » Sat, 09 Mar 2002 01:49:04

This bug is very strange.  It appears that the WindowsXp
fails to boot normally sometimes...  if you choose save
mode and reinstall the last application installed, it will
work...!  sometimes, the last installed application DOES
NOT appear to be the problem...  since installing it later
on won't cause any errors or startup problems....!  this
situation is not persistent which makes it almost
impossible to explain....

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Dear Sirs:
I am running a dual boot Windows XP Pro/Windows 2000 on a
P4 1.5 machine w/ 760 MBs Rambus RAM and two HDs, one 40
Gig with w/ two active partitions containing the two
operating systems, and the other a 120 Gig Western
Digital used for storage only.

I have an error on boot that happens about one out of
every 10 startups, usually always from a cold boot. The
PC will not boot and instead displays the message "Drive
Not Ready-System Halted". I then reboot the machine and
it boots normally, defaulting to Windows XP unless I
choose differently.

I have done scan disk on all of the partitions, with no
problems found. I have run up-to-date Norton AV 2003 scan
on all partitions. I have defragged all. I am unable to
find the cause for this problem in all of my
troubleshooting and Google searches for that error

Actually, having the boot up fail and having to start it
over again to then successfully boot occasionally is more
of a slight inconvenience than a "problem", but I am very
worried that this occurence is an indication that a drive
may be failing.

Thank you, in advance, for any help you may provide!
Regards, Babe

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