Can't get my Kodak DVC 325 to work with XP

Can't get my Kodak DVC 325 to work with XP

Post by Maryann » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 16:24:25

I have downloaded updated drivers, uninstalled and re-
installed, ... but still can't get my cam working at
all.  What suggestions are out there?  

1. Kodak DVC 325

I have had great luck getting everything working on my
new XP system, until I tried my DVC 325.  I install the
software from the Kodak site and when i plug the camera
in It says found new hardware.  If I cancel that I get
nothing and if I follow the prompts though (in almost any
combination) when I get to the very end the whole system

Any ideas???  Thanks!  Pat...if you could respond in
email too that would be great!

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