OE 6 w/ XP When I switch identities OE shuts down

OE 6 w/ XP When I switch identities OE shuts down

Post by Don » Mon, 02 Sep 2002 10:27:40

Upgraded from 2000 pro to XP pro.  When I switch
identities in OE6, it closes the program and I cannot
reload it until I reboot.  Any ideas?

1. OE shutting down at identity switch

I recently had to reinstall my OS (windows xp sp2) and OE.  Now when I
switch identities it gives me the normal "do you want to keep the same
internet connection" and when I say yes to that, OE shuts down completely
and I have to reopen OE to get to the switched identity.  Same thing happens
when I switch back to main identity.  Prior to reinstall following the
internet connection prompt OE would simply switch identities without
shutting down.  Looked in options/advanced and couldn't find anything.  What
am I missing? TIA

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