OE won't send after updates

OE won't send after updates

Post by Kare » Sat, 18 Oct 2003 23:11:52

Good morning,
I did the new updates yesterday on my work computer.
After they were all done It would take a long time to
send emails. I have Norton but have it disabled to check
out going mail. I thought it might be the server but... I
went home and sent emails and then down loaded the
updates. Same thing. Takes for ever to send emails. They
are with 2 differnt servers. Coincidence?

1. OE won't send, won't start up a second time...

OE6 opens fine.  It reads new mail fine.  It reads new newsgroup messages
It will not send anything.  It just sits there until it tells me it isn't
If I close it, it will not reopen.  It just ignores me, and then says that
OE is already running.
When I shut the computer off, it says that "O" is still running and I have
to close it before the computer can shut down.
However, when I do a ctl-alt-del, it doesn't show any programs running; "O",
OE, or anything else.
When I reboot, it happens all over again.
I compressed the files; that didn't change anything.
I just installed Norton Systemworks, but the problem didn't start
immediately, so I don't think they are related.
I have run various virus and spyware programs, but they don't show anything.

Any idea what is going on?  What is this "O"?

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