Post by Paul » Sat, 08 Feb 2003 02:04:35

Please HELP!!!
I am having a problem and I dont know how to fix it! =(
I can serf any site but every time I try to download
ANYTHING on ANY site it says "server not found"...what Is
the problem????? I have tried reinstalling windows but
that hasn;t helped..
Any help appreciated!!!
Thank you

1. OE6 - as newsreader, downloads, and downloads, and downloads,

Hi All;
    Background - > I'm pay for my downloads if I exceed a certain amount
within a month. I've budgeted myself to 6meg per day so that I won't exceed
my monthly limit. I'm subscribed to 3 newsgroups - headers only. I've turned
off notification of new newsgroups.

    Problem - > Whenever I "Synchronise Account" OE starts downloading. It
just keeps going up to about 6.5meg. I can understand this happening once
when OE sets up the newsgroups but it happens everytime I click
Synchronise!! How do I stop these incessant downloads? I either stop it or
I'll have to drop my subscriptions to newsgroups.

    Your help would be appreciated...


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