Running files from a CD Rom??? (%SrcRoot%)

Running files from a CD Rom??? (%SrcRoot%)

Post by Richard Will » Tue, 13 Jun 2000 04:00:00


Does anyone know how to reference a file, such as a .exe within an variable
directory using html.

What I'm trying to do is install the IEAK, once done load up an html page
with links to the users CD Rom drive. Obviously the CD Rom drive will vary
with each user. I have looked at ways to do this using %SrcRoot%, but each
document about this refers to only if you are also running the application
from the CD as well.

Is it in fact actually possable to do this?

Answers on a postcard!




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I have a Java Applet (360-panorama applet) accessing a JPG on the same
drive.  This web page worked fine on the Harddrive and over the internet,
but it doesn't work when run from the CD-ROM drive.  The applet reports that
it isn't able to see the file it's looking for.

Is there a security limitation which denies a Java Applet access to the
subdirectory if it exists on a CD-ROM drive?  Any ideas?  I'm stumped here
and I need help.

Thanks in advance,

            Tony Olsen

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