Front Page Express

Front Page Express

Post by Dean McFarlan » Fri, 20 Dec 2002 14:52:17

Greetings all

Firstly, if this is the wrong group for this question
then I feel sure someone will tell me where to go!
I have just bought a new PC system with Windows XP Home
and Internet Explorer 6 already installed however I seem
to have lost Front Page Express.  I am not very competent
in finding my way around web pages but this program is
handy to me.  
Is there a way to get it back or have I lost it forever?

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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hi - i use FP express at work and quite like it - however,
when I have tried to find it somewhere on the web to
install it at home, I can't find it. Is it available for
IE6?? if so, anyone know where i can get it?

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