Using paged Datagrids in HTTPS secured pages

Using paged Datagrids in HTTPS secured pages

Post by Pete » Wed, 12 Dec 2001 21:36:49

Dear ladies and gents

I found the following problem while using a webcontrol datagrid that
uses paging on a secured page:

I do have a DataGrid on my page. For that Grid, paging is activ and
fine. I call the page secure (https), works fine. As soon as I use
the grids
pageing navigation (eg. change from grid page 1 (first 10 records) to grid
page 2 (next 10 records)) , IE pops up with a warning (you are about to
leave a
Internet connection. It will be possible for others to view information
send. ...).

 I played around with the <a
href="javascript:__doPostBack('DataGrid1:_ctl7:_ctl5','')" that is
server generated
for the GridControl.

The popup shows up if the function call has 2 colons(:) like this
one ->doPostBack('DataGrid1:_ctl7:_ctl5','')"

The popup does not show up if it has only one colon like this
one ->doPostBack('DataGrid1:_ctl7','')"

Now the question: where can I fix or better can Microsoft fix that

Has anyone a workaround (beside switching the warning off in IE


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Any suggestions?


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