turn off auto image resizing from web page (jave?)

turn off auto image resizing from web page (jave?)

Post by Suni » Mon, 08 Jul 2002 00:36:29

I have a photo oriented web site that is totally spoiled by the
idiotic new feature in IE6 that reduces images to fit on the screen.
I have a note on the page that tells users to turn off image resizing
but I suspect that most don't or don't want to bother.

How can I disable this feature from within my web page?  Is there a
java script that prevents the resizing from occurring?



1. turning off "Automatic Image Resizing" in HTML

I have pages which link to larger than the screen images.  When the user
clicks on the link I WANT it image to be larger than the screen.  I don't
mind if the user can resize it after the fact but my particular images were
designed to be scrolled across.

Is there some tag I can add to the link that will make IE6 NOT re-scale the
image by default?

Here's an example page


Clicking on the image is supposed to give the user a panorama but under IE6
since by default it gets auto-resized the user does not get what I wish him
to get.  Nor is the average user going to even notice that they could
"un-resize" the image and get the panorama they were supposed to get.

I understand that *usually* the user would want a resized image in the
typical case but NOT in this case.

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