I can display secure pages (HTTPS) but not HTTP pages

I can display secure pages (HTTPS) but not HTTP pages

Post by brdi » Tue, 24 Jun 2003 07:00:28

I bought and installe XP home edition.

In the IE I am not able to connect to http:// pages, but I
can connect to https:// pages.

I have reset all options to standard (zones, cookies etc.).
When I use another browser (ie opera) everithing works

I used the wizzrd to configure the network,

I tested the ADSL hub/router, etc.

I conclude : my connections are OK but something prevents
the use of non secure pages.

Any suggestions?



1. IE6.0 displays https pages but not http pages

Inexplicably, on Friday, April 18 my IE6.0 began to
display the dreaded "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error.

Now I cannot access any http website. EXCEPT those
websites that start with "HTTPS".

Interestingly, my MSExchange email application also
stopped working correctly.  Now it will not display
pictures in my emails.  Plain white rectangles appear
where pictures belong.

Just prior to this problem occuring, a search engine
(ignphrases) took over my browser by replacing my MSN home
page. I wonder of that had something to do with this

Has anyone else had a similar experience?  If so, were you
able to fix it?  How?

Thanks !!!


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