Can't find exe file

Can't find exe file

Post by Valeri » Mon, 23 Jun 2003 01:00:41

I have just downloaded IE6 and service pack 1 for windows
XP. The IE6 download installed completely. But here's the
problem - I have no Explorer icon, from then menu when I
choose internet explorer it's not pointing to the exe file
and when I search for a target I can't find it. I have
searched using the explore function and have yet to find
the executable file. When I look on my control panel, IE
doen't even appear as an installed program. If I try to re-
run IE6 set up it tells me I can't because a newer version
already exists on my computer. I can get to a browser when
I go to explore and click on windows update - so I know
it's there. Any idea how I can find the exe file, create
an association and have it appear as an active program?

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