java apps

java apps

Post by Paula » Sat, 13 Apr 2002 05:47:34

IE6 will not open java applications, such as games in
yahoo or chat applications at other site.  Java is
enabled, anyone have a clue?

java apps

Post by Jim Byr » Sat, 13 Apr 2002 06:24:25

Hi Paula - Java is no longer "bundled" with IE, so you need ot add it.  The following is courtesy of Jim Pickering:  

"Java and JavaScript are two different things -

Reinstall the Java Virtual Machine:
You can download Java here:

For JavaScript:_ download the latest engine:-  
Jim Pickering, MVP/OE
Please reply to the newsgroup only.   <==New add ons Dec. 01"

Sun also offers a Java plug-in here:   Regards, Jim Byrd

> IE6 will not open java applications, such as games in
> yahoo or chat applications at other site.  Java is
> enabled, anyone have a clue?

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I'm starting to use a product that has one step of its installation/setup that
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call another Java application.  The last Java application needs to references
environment variables set in the cmd script.

In Windows 2000, this process works fine.  The last Java application sees the
environment variables fine.  In Windows XP, however, the last Java application
seems to have no environment variables (I've only tried several, but I haven't
checked to see if there are any at all).

I wish they had written this process better (as the second Java application has
a relatively easy-to-use API that they could have just called directly from the
first Java application), but they didn't.  I don't expect them to re-architect
this any time soon.

The question I have is, is there something that changed between Win2k and WinXP
in the area of calling other applications through, such that a
downstream called application wouldn't be able to get any environment

Is there something they're supposed to use instead of "" for this
sort of thing?  I know there's "cmd" and "command", and "cmd" appears to be
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