And transferring Outlook 6 Dictionary to new Hard Drive?

And transferring Outlook 6 Dictionary to new Hard Drive?

Post by Paul Richar » Mon, 06 Jan 2003 05:47:23

Is this simply a matter of copying files?  Which files?



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Comp tech built me a system with win 98. My old system
had viruses. Copied all my old forms and business stuff
onto new hard drive.  Loaded all my software back on
office 2000 and didn't leave me with any disks and won't
call me back. I can't copy or print or do anything.  It
has a big hard drive only he split it up into a couple of
drives, c:\ is really small and all the gigs are on the
other drives.  When I want to shut it down I have to hold
the power button down for a real long time. Now I want to
buy my own version of XP and load it on.  What is the
best way of doing this.  I have an honest comp. guy to
help me and another system I can cable to save stuff if

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