XP Applying Computer Settings & Internet Explorer stop responding

XP Applying Computer Settings & Internet Explorer stop responding

Post by Kath » Thu, 10 Oct 2002 17:07:56

Quote:> We are running 30 computers on a small domain.  All but
> one are running Windows 2000 Pro.  The other is running
> Windows XP Pro (he just has to be different).  Out of the
> blue his Internet Explorer stops responding while trying
> to open his webmail on AOL.  Upon reboot the computer now
> will go no further in the process than Applying Computer
> Settings.  It just hangs up there.  This computer is
> running in an Intel Class A wireless environment connected
> to the other building by fiber.  What would cause this to
> stop responding?   I can't even get signed in so I haven't
> been able to take a look at it.

Suggest you try an appropriate NG, this is for Outlook Express.

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Lately I've had these redundant stop responses in Internet Explorer.
Sometimes it also occurs in Explorer windows, but just crashes then, not
hanging. The other requires to force shut down program and then crash.
I notice this often happens when I press Back or Forward, it will randomly
happen! And it is irritating as well, having to lose many IE windows due to
I just had a sudden thought, in that it might be related to the network?
About 2 weeks ago my brother initiated some crap LAN connection with his
friend, and my bro has no idea how to use the settings for networking. But
since then we had removed that connection and are back to normal. I suppose
the network might be bugged, and perhaps deleting and recreating my DSL
connection, as well as removing the NIC drivers and reinstalling might do
something. Any ideas for now?


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