I have the solution to the VML installation problem on WIN ME!!!

I have the solution to the VML installation problem on WIN ME!!!

Post by John » Thu, 19 Sep 2002 11:39:24

This is the way to install the Vector Graphics Rendering
on your Windows ME OS. This information has been provided
to me from the Microsoft Engineers themselves and it
works!!!! Please open the attached file to your PC and
print it out!! ALL THE STEPS ARE THERE! I have worked on
getting this answer for a month and know a lot of you need
it so here it is! The file uses NOTEPAD to open. HAPPY
RENDERING TO ALL MY WINDOWS ME friends out there!!!!

  The VML cure.txt
3K Download

1. Solution to having no setup.exe on your OSR2 Win 95 CD..............

Hi there I am not sure if this is the group relating to Win95 that people
asked about the problem - you see I have cleared and deleted my cached files
from IE4.01.

If I am correct, the question was about people with the OSR2 CD that did not
have setup.exe on the CD?


Well, firstly this problem you are having is thanks to Microsoft.  It is a
way to insure that people don't try using the CD to reinstall on more than
1/2 pcs other than their own personal and office pc.

This CD is usually distributed with OEM equipment that you purchased a
system or component with.

Normally a CD like this is given to the consumer with a copy of Win 95 OSR
installed on the computer's hdd.

So how do you reinstall then?


If you copy all of the files from the CD onto a hard disk, and then copy
dossetup.bin, oemsetup.bin, oemsetup.exe, setup.exe, setup.txt,
suhelper.bin, and winsetup.bin to the same directory from any version of
Windows 95, you can then run setup and install from that directory.

Hope this helps


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