Red fist

Red fist

Post by Timothy J Finnera » Wed, 15 Jan 2003 12:10:23

That my friend is your pop-up blocker working. To access the pop up, hold
the control key down and click the link again.

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Red fist

Post by William Spea » Wed, 15 Jan 2003 11:57:22

When I click on link on a web page I get a red*that comes up and I cant
go to that web page. Sometimes I can right click and then open the page but
not all the time.
It's been happening for about a month. Can anyone help?


1. RED X, red x, RED X flaming X :-(

I seen plenty of emails about this, but NEVER an actual fix. You know the
problem.... "Red X" placeholders instead of various pictures, gifs, etc when
a page is loaded and reloaded and reloaded then magically they appear
(maybe, sometimes, occasionally :-) )

Well folks, what's the answer???? Please don't say change the "Encoding" DOESN'T work.

Well folks, what's the answer???? Please don't direct me to some webpage
which suggests fiddling with the registry.

Has anyone seem the magic answer....apart from going back to 5.5?

Seriously though... any help appreciated. Although I am amazed MS haven't
owned and sorted the problems themselves !!!

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