OE does not select default connection

OE does not select default connection

Post by PA Bea » Wed, 28 Jun 2006 03:19:38

Tools > Accounts > Mail > [account] > Properties > Connection > Always
connect to this account... (uncheck).
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-Windows (IE/OE, Shell/User, Security), Aumha.org VSOP, DTS-L.org

> As I move between countries, I have two different internet connections.
> One is selected as the default connection. However, when I open OE, the
> connection window automatically displays the non-default connection
> (which is the first in the list), and I have to select my default
> connection manually. This does not happen with IE. When I open IE, the
> connection window immediately displays my default. Why does it not do
> this with OE, and how can I make it behave?
> Many thanks.


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Or maybe a tool which allows me to select and export from OE ?

Thanks very much


P.S. Already googled a lot...

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