IE 6.0 Filters on NT 4.0 SP6a not working

IE 6.0 Filters on NT 4.0 SP6a not working

Post by Crai » Wed, 29 Jan 2003 20:35:18

I have a problem with the IE filters, which do not work at
all on my NT 4.0 system.

The filters can be tested at:

I have the following DLLs installed:

DXTMSFT.DLL ... 351,232 bytes
DXTRANS.DLL ... 187,392 bytes

Does anyone have any ideas ?

Kind Regards,


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Hello all,
I recently installed an ISA adapter and an Orinoco Gold PC_CARD in an NT 4.0
SP6a server box and the same type of hardware in a Win98 machine and enabled
IP forwarding in the NT box.  I have the cards talking to each other.  The
wired side of the NT box communicates normally with the wired clients and
the wireless side communicates with the wireless clients, however the wired
clients can not talk to the wireless client and vice-versa.  Does anyone
have a clue what could be wrong?  I have already been on the phone (for
about 1.5 hours) with CDW (the company we bought the wireless hardware from)
and they are continuing to work on it.  I can ping the wireless client by
name or address with no errors and I can ping the wired clients by name or
address with no errors from the NT box.  If I try Start>Find>Computers, on
the NT box, I can find anything on the wired network but can *not find
anything* on the wireless side.

Hardware is;

HP Netserver E60 with integrated 10/100 network card PII/400, 640 MB RAM...

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