calendar permissions

calendar permissions

Post by Bruce Hage » Sat, 28 Aug 2004 22:53:28

Start by asking in the Outlook newsgroup. This is Outlook Express and
it is an entirely different program.

Outlook NG:
Bruce Hagen

Quote:> How do I delegate someone to view only my Outlook Calendar and not
> my
> personal calendar in Outlook?


1. syncing outlook97 personal calendar with exchange calendar

Ok I've had a beer and so my fingers are typing faster than my brain is
able to think. But why is it almost everytime I try to do something
intelligent with Microsoft software it just pisses me off?

OK, so we've been running here at the company I work for without an
exchange server for awhile. I've got my Personal Folders Calendar all
set up.  My HP320lx is quite happy syncing with my calendar.  And my
contacts database as well. Then we get the exchange server, and my
calendar on the HP gets wiped out!!! and my contacts get wiped out!!!

What happened?  I reset the 320lx, remove all batteries, backup
batteries, restart the NT. And nuts, its still screwed up.

Why?, I finally figure out its syncing with the damn exchange server,
not my personal folders anymore.  What the he11?

I figure out I can copy my contacts to the exchange server and get the
320lx to sync up again, but how the f^&* to I get all my calendar
database over to the exchange server.

If I try copying it it makes a "calender1" there, no help. If I try
renaming "calendar" to something else it says I can't do it. Sheesh I
need another beer.

I fire up that incredibly irritating little bastard help thingy and it
of course is as bright as the designer, with absolutely nothing usefull
to offer.

So I'm now begging for help from the wisdom of the internet to help me.
Am I too dumb to figure this out?, (could be), or just too impatient?
Seems to me a simple thing to do.

Eternally frustrated by Mount Microsoft.

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