calendar format

calendar format

Post by ramarille » Fri, 21 May 2004 03:05:04

How do you get Sunday to be the first day in the work
week view?

calendar format

Post by Bruce Hage » Fri, 21 May 2004 03:11:12

In Outlook Express? There is no calendar option.
Bruce Hagen

Quote:> How do you get Sunday to be the first day in the work
> week view?


1. WYSIWYG calendar as an HTML format

I am using WinXP and Office XP professional.  I have created a shift
calendar in outlook that has appointments running over multiple days.  In
Outlook you can visually see that there are tasks running multiple days
.When I save as HTML it groups the appointments according to the start time
and does not visually span the number of days the appointment runs over.
Not a WYSIWYG type of thing.  Is there a way to visually span the event over
the couple of days it lasts for?

I could attach a sample to help understand but that is a NO NO.



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