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With pains & trouble I managed to delete nearly 8000 TIF-files, almost
any being empty shells.  I do remember a workaround to stop those files.
Maybe I did something wrong?
TIA for any help to clear my problem.

1. files over 2 gb turn to zero file size

I have made multiple copies of a certain avi file over 2 gb on NTSC
drives, both scsi and ide. Seemingly randomly, all of the copies of
this file have suddenly have turned to zero bytes in file size. I
tried recreating this file and the same thing happened. This has
happened to other files, all over 2 gb, but not all the files over 2
gb. Another interesting note is that my setup worked fine for one year
with files over 2 gb, but then more recently it started to set some of
them to zero. When the files are set to zero, they are not in the
trash, there is no record of the rest of the file. This has happened
on another machine as well, which was a more recent install, so I have
a feeling that it has something to do with the files, however this
doesn't make sense to me since I recreated the files on numerous
occassions and they all were treated the same. And also because in the
past, my setup had no troubles.

Should I just re-install my os?

I am running service pack 2 on a windows 2000 professional os.

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