Java Virtual Machine/Microsoft Virtual Machine

Java Virtual Machine/Microsoft Virtual Machine

Post by d » Mon, 19 Aug 2002 22:13:49

i recently got a computer which has a new copy of XP on
it.i downloaded the Java VM and installed it. when i went
to a sight which utilized it i suddenly got a stack
dump..i restarted the computer and tried again to access
that sight( game tracker)i again got the stack
dump. i uninstalled it and i didn't get it anymore...of
course i couldn't run the applet anymore either. will the
Microsoft VM fix it?

1. Java Virtual Machine/Microsoft Virtual Machine

Each time I go onto this particular website I get a
message that says, "To display this page correctly, you
need to download and install the following components:
Java Virtual Machine."

After I click "Download", I'm taken to a page that
says, "We're sorry. The page you are viewing requires
that you have a more recent version of the Microsoft
Virtual Machine on your system.  To obtain an updated
version of the Microsoft Virtual Machine, please go to
Windows Update."

I've gone to the Windows Update multiple times and
downloaded everything I'm told to download. I've also
downloaded the Microsoft XP SP-1.

I've restarted my computer after each update, yet I still
get the same message each time I get to this web page
where I should be getting a window to enter my user name
and password.

Does anyone know why none of my efforts with downloading
the latest updates hasn't helped?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Charlie Creme

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