WARNING: Page has Expired

WARNING: Page has Expired

Post by Al Meadow » Mon, 08 Jul 2002 08:09:14

All of a sudden, my Back Button shows this:

WARNING: Page has Expired

The page you requested was created using information you submitted in a
form. This page is no longer available. As a security precaution, Internet
Explorer does not automatically resubmit your information for you.

To resubmit your information and view this Web page, click the Refresh
Although I am starting from a form, I'm selecting items from a results page
and drilling down.  When I drill down and look at the material, using the
BACK button gives me the Warning.  It didn't do it before today.  It does it
on all sites.  It's like it doesn't put the results page in the history.  If
I do the refresh, it restores the results list but this is slow and

Please Help!  I saw this happen on my old PC and could never get it fixed.
New PC worked fine until today.  I'm running XP with IE6.


1. Warning:Page has Expired...ARRRGGGGGGGHHHH!

I have the EXACT problem described in knowledgebase
article #Q319792 (POST / RE-POST PROBLEM)requiring service
pack 1.  I knew I WAS IN TROUBLE because I HAVE all the
latest service packs for 6.0 and I am still having this $%

(Cannot backpage to RESUBMIT an item, am forced to the
first page to start preliminary search all OVER AGAIN.    
(this is happening on an MLS website) Checked the dll in
question, mine is NEWER than the CORRECT one mentioned in
the article.  ARRRGGGHHH reapplied service pack MADE NO
DIFFERENCE please if somebody knows the fix MICROSOFT GUYS

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