Weard problem with OE6 newsreader!

Weard problem with OE6 newsreader!

Post by Jbob » Mon, 17 Dec 2001 06:04:45

I am using OE6 with Win98SE.  I was compacting my mail store folders today.
I am using Norton AV Coporate Edition for virus protection.  When it got to
one .dbx file it prompted that it was infected and that it couldn't be
cleaned and placed the file into quarantine.  I simply unsubscribed to that
newsgroup and went to the store folder and ensured the file was deleted and
then deleted the infected archive form the NAV quarantine.  I then went back
into OE and set that group up a subscribed again but now it won't open.  I
get the message "Folder could not be opened" along with some possible
reasons like short on disk space.  I have tried everything except deleting
the whole NNTP server account and starting over.
Any ideas?

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Problem happens at random. I have been using OE as a newsreader for a
while and this problem just started. I can go to a group (like
alt.autos.gm) and download the headers. Then start going through them
and download the ones of interest. The problem is that some will show up
blank. I know there is a post there because the replies show the text.
Some of the replies also show up blank. I have seen this question before
but have forgotten what the repair was. I know it is not a virus or
spyware.  The problem ONLY happens in newsgroups.  I have tried
resetting and deleting. Also have deleted the account and then setting
it up again. Have deleted the folders and rebuilt them as well. Problem
still there. What am I missing? Thanks.

Steve Williams
Near Cooperstown, New York

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