"No connection": "Try again" doesn't really try again

"No connection": "Try again" doesn't really try again

Post by Scott S » Tue, 16 Jul 2002 02:49:50

Whenever I'm offline and I try to access a page with IE6, and I get the "No
connection" error dialog, once I'm back online, when I click the "Try again"
button, it never really trys again. Instead, I have to click the "Try again"
button, then manually rerequest the page I wanted.

1. Modem "Not Present" again, and again and again.

Help once more!  I tried the suggestion of downloading
the most recent driver and within a few days the modem
did the "not present" again.  It has now for these past
several weeks disappeared approx. 3-4 times.  We have
resorted to leaving the computer on standby all the time
once we get it back just to maintain the modem.

To relay once again:  On initial powering-up the computer
I have to check on the desktop icon for the modem
everytime to see if it is present:  Lucent Win Modem
Com3.  If it says "Not Present", I have to remove it, ok
it, close down and power off and wait.  This time it took
three days before the computer decided to recognize it
was there.  We get the prompt "Found new hardware" and it
goes on to install once again whatever 4 steps it does
and then I can continue with work.

I have taken everything to my local computer guy and the
hardware is working properly and in the port.  I had a
college computer whiz tell me to re-install the software
because it was a glitch in the software which is XP 2000.
I did.  Same problem.

I am pulling my hair. I do believe it is time to notify
someone at MS. Can anyone help?

Thank you for your time in advance.


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