Wild Advertising On Internet Explorer.. Is it a virus??

Wild Advertising On Internet Explorer.. Is it a virus??

Post by Yahia Merchaou » Wed, 17 Apr 2002 16:53:57

Hi all,

The problem was solved using "ad-aware" available for free on
www.download.com that detected many web advertising spies!
I encourage highly all of you to run it.. We discover many astonishing
things (winsock.dll changed, masked preocesses, ...) and it cleanes all of
the memory, registry and disk!


Quote:> Hi all,

> I am using Internet Explorer English Version 6.0.2600.0000 with all the
> fixes available on the update site, and I have noticed lately that:
> - there is advertising links that are anchored on a randmoly chosen words
> the displayed HTML pages (cf attached screen shot).
> - This happens on any type of pages (local or networked pages).
> - If we refresh the page it disappear for a while and if we keep the
> for a some time without changing the current page, these links reappear on
> an other word.
> - when we try to view the html source code of the page, we do not find any
> trace of the wild advertising links, neither in html nor in javascript!

> This means that some 'process' is interfacing the internet explorer HTML
> parser and the view process to choose at random words where it anchors
> to advirtisment. And since the links targets changes, this means this
> 'process' is connecting to through my network connection to somewhere in
> web in order to fetch the list of targets sites for advertisments!

> I don't know whether it is a new "wild functinoality" of Internet Explorer
> or a kind of unknown trojan?? Please help me to remove this confusing
> feature.

> Thank you in advance,
> Y.