Back ups

Back ups

Post by John Rickett » Sat, 18 May 2002 12:06:19

I want to back up files from a source to a target folder and ignore any
files that are identical.
How do you do it?

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Since outlook express 6, all of my data base files (*.dbx) always gets the
latest date when I open outlook express (even for folders which are not
changed). This is great for the back-up tape producers as common back-up
procedure think that all folders are new and stores them on tape (so
incremental back-ups do not have any meaning any more for outlook express 6
files). In previous outlook express version, backing up was already a
problem since a single message addition to one folder would already cause a
back-up of the entire folder, but in version 6 things have become even worse
since all folders are recognised as being changed.

Is there a workaround for this problem or are there some special tools which
create back-up files from outlook express databases. I checked the
"tomsterdam" pages but the back-ups described there also performs a total
back up of a dbx file (unless I misunderstood the back-up procedures
described there).


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