Reformatting, export/importing messages

Reformatting, export/importing messages

Post by Mike » Sat, 26 Apr 2003 02:25:54

OE6 / XP

I need to reformat and reload my pc.
I want to save all my emails and import them back in when im done.

I went to


It brings up a window which says "This will export your messages etc."

I click OK  and get an error message which says:

"The export could not be performed
An error occured while initiialng MAPI"

Any ideas??


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I've reinstalled my system but backed up my email messages beforehand by
copying the the .dbx files and the rest that was in that folder.

I did ths successfully before but I can't remember how I did it. I know it's
not as simple as pasting them back in the new folder because outlook express
will just duplicate the files by renaming them with a (1) in the titles.
What are the steps needed to do this?

ALSO since setting up my new outlook express I have since downloaded new
messages so if I replace the new .dbx files with the old ones I'll just lose
the new messages won't I?. So how can I export them and then import the back
in AFTER I've imported the old ones so I have the old and new messages
together?  I hope this makes sense!

Thanks for your attention and any help or advice you can give me.


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