Mark links 'visited' without visiting?

Mark links 'visited' without visiting?

Post by Al Gordo » Tue, 18 Mar 2003 03:05:03

There is so much information on wiping clean the IE
history, but I actually want to ADD links to the history
folder, links that have not in fact been visited.

I operate a public message forum, and frequently access it
from a number of different computers. The forum lists
about 500 postings on its main page, each one with a
hypertext link to the actual posting. I would like to know
if there is a way that I can mark all those links
as "visited" without actually having to click on every
posting. In other words, I want to add all the links on a
given web page to History (preferably with a single
command) without actually visiting each link.

The reason for this request is that I would like to mark
all existing postings on the forum as being visited, and
then my new postings and answers to them will stand out as

By the way, the forum is driven by from Matt's
Script Archive. I can add a function to the server if
that's what it takes (assuming there is no way to do it
from IE).

Any ideas? Thanks,