Operating System update ruins IE6

Operating System update ruins IE6

Post by Peta Jardin » Fri, 13 Dec 2002 21:01:11

i have internet explorer 6 and windows ME. i recently got
windowsXP professional and when i update to XP my browser
won't work. i can still connect to the net but i get
the "page cannot be displayed" message and even messenger
won't work. the error message says "could not open search
can anyone help me!??

1. two operating systems operating...!!!

hey guys
I've a problem.I tried to install windows xp professional on a system where
there was already a home edition installed.I did a clean installation
expecting that my home edition would be REPLACED by the professional
edition.But it didn't..now I've two operating systems and I need just one!
weird problem eh ? So can anyone help me uninstall and disintegrate the
other operating system..(home edition) ? Any help would be much


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