passport sign in lookalike

passport sign in lookalike

Post by lee » Wed, 24 Jul 2002 23:43:53

yesterday and today I am receiving popups which look like
the net passport sign in, keys, user icon etc, same format
however the top line is connect to, these
pop up very often, if I click on cancel several times
they do go away and my surfing is not disturbed, only a
little slower, is anyone else getting this, and if so any
idea why it is happening and how to stop it

1. .net passport sign in....

why do i have to continually sign into net passport. i
always click box that says  sign me in automatically, but
it always seems to go back to the regular msn web page. i
have it at work and it never shuts me out to i have to
sign in all the time. please advise....


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